On the 12th day of Winter Veil PCG guild gave to meeeee:

(At least) 12 Regular raiders
11 Trash mobs
10 Minutes break time
9 Potion & rune reminders
8 Minute tactics
7 Sharded useless loots
6 AFKs before break time
5 Epic heals
4 Awesome warlocks
3 Bad mechanics
2 Dizzy tanks
And a raid leader having a shout (COME ON!!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

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They love standing in void zones,  spreading out when told to, and running away with annoying debuffs! It’s those players who enjoy pulling trash by messing up their crowd control, it’s the ranged dps!


Most likely to remind everyone he has no personal cooldowns. Also least likely to be asked to respec to healing……GLAUCUS!



Most likely to be shouted at for doing something perfectly correctly…..NIXXOS! STOP DOING THAT NIXXOS!



Most likely to be kicked out of the hunter-union for never casting barrage on trash and wiping the raid……LEVSKI!



Most like to ignore game mechanics just so he can cast one…. more….spell……BIMBLE!



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Without them, you’d just be squished into paste by trash! It’s the job no one else wants to do, so give it up for the PCG healers!


Most likely to be raiding whilst having a small child attached to him, without anyone noticing a drop in his performance……GORMAJIN!



Most likely to use all cooldowns on one trash pull and claim he is the best healer ever……AKEE!



Most likely to complain when anyone takes damage as if it’s a personal insult thrown at him……..TINKERLIGHT!



Most likely  to confuse everyone by having too many alts……STEELHI……ENIO….. JINZAKU…..GAND……HERBNINJA!




Most likely to complain about playing a rubbish healing class/spec and then going  on to outheal everyone else on crucial fights even when pinned to the ground with a spear……. AMBRA!





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We have so many of them they set up their own union. This entitles them to their own guild awards post too! They’re moody and emo, but we love them really, it’s the warlocks of PCG!


Most likely to raid once every 2 months to help keep his union membership refreshed and help keep the warlock numbers up …..NIHILATOS!



Most obsessed with the colour purple. ooooh, purpllleeeeee…….JODDERS!



Most likely to help jodders know which piece of loot she wants to use…….STAGGMATTIC!



Most likely to have a GPS malfunction and end up at the wrong boss…or the wrong instance….or the wrong server……HIERO!



Most likely to be top of the damage meters helping bring average warlock dps up to acceptable amounts…….BASPHOMET!



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Here are the awards our tanks got this year! Remember, they get smashed in the head and recieve permanent brain damage so you don’t have to! Thanks tanks!


Most likely to stack pure +stamina gear to increase his health pool to a ridiculously large amount forcing blizzard to do a stat-squash again…….THWARTED!



Most likely to think he’s playing Bomberman with the trash and complain if anyone messes with his fun….MARGARTH!



Most likely to abandon us midway through an expansion with only two tanks on our raiding team……..SPECTRAS!



Most likely to completely forget what is going on and not realize he’s in a raid, tanking a boss and in charge of keeping everyone alive …..GOMPH!





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They get hit by cleaves, they have to dodge conal attacks, they are assigned crucial interrupting duties – it’s those small characters hiding behind the back of the boss, it’s the melee players!


Most likely  to wipe the raid on trash by using shroud of concealment at just the wrong tim… wait.. no… too late!…. OPENHIEMER!



Most obsessed with loot, especially shoes. lovely lovely shooooooes……GLUGGIE!



Most likely to need to go afk because of something burning in the oven…..DREIG!



Most likely to refer to tactics for mythic mode when we’re raiding normal mode…….HALLORAN!



Most likely to set up a repair bot after our 10th wipe of the night with no complaints……HUBIZOR!



Most likely to be exactly 5 minutes late for every raid due to unruly children……TERANICUS!



Most likely to be the newest member of the raid team thus making it hard for us to come up with an award for him….THAELI!



Most likely to have a name that makes us think he’s an orc…….ZORK!



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A belated happy guild birthday! We’re a few weeks late (the guild was born on October 26th 2008), but sometimes the officers are too busy to get anything organised in time (annoyingly we have stuff to do outside of WoW  :( )

You’ll notice we’ve decided to start this blog – it might be more useful to post certain things here than it is on our forums  – those of you with long memories might remember our old old blog from 2009 – check it out if you want to see the origin story of our raiding teams :)

The following few blog posts will mainly be about our 2015 guild awards – hope those of you who aren’t able to make the event in-game can at least see who won what!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and we look forward to playing with you into 2016 for the release of Legion and of course the Warcraft movie :)

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