They get hit by cleaves, they have to dodge conal attacks, they are assigned crucial interrupting duties – it’s those small characters hiding behind the back of the boss, it’s the melee players!


Most likely  to wipe the raid on trash by using shroud of concealment at just the wrong tim… wait.. no… too late!…. OPENHIEMER!



Most obsessed with loot, especially shoes. lovely lovely shooooooes……GLUGGIE!



Most likely to need to go afk because of something burning in the oven…..DREIG!



Most likely to refer to tactics for mythic mode when we’re raiding normal mode…….HALLORAN!



Most likely to set up a repair bot after our 10th wipe of the night with no complaints……HUBIZOR!



Most likely to be exactly 5 minutes late for every raid due to unruly children……TERANICUS!



Most likely to be the newest member of the raid team thus making it hard for us to come up with an award for him….THAELI!



Most likely to have a name that makes us think he’s an orc…….ZORK!



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