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A belated happy guild birthday! We’re a few weeks late (the guild was born on October 26th 2008), but sometimes the officers are too busy to get anything organised in time (annoyingly we have stuff to do outside of WoW  :( )

You’ll notice we’ve decided to start this blog – it might be more useful to post certain things here than it is on our forums  – those of you with long memories might remember our old old blog from 2009 – check it out if you want to see the origin story of our raiding teams :)

The following few blog posts will mainly be about our 2015 guild awards – hope those of you who aren’t able to make the event in-game can at least see who won what!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and we look forward to playing with you into 2016 for the release of Legion and of course the Warcraft movie :)

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