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They love standing in void zones,  spreading out when told to, and running away with annoying debuffs! It’s those players who enjoy pulling trash by messing up their crowd control, it’s the ranged dps!


Most likely to remind everyone he has no personal cooldowns. Also least likely to be asked to respec to healing……GLAUCUS!



Most likely to be shouted at for doing something perfectly correctly…..NIXXOS! STOP DOING THAT NIXXOS!



Most likely to be kicked out of the hunter-union for never casting barrage on trash and wiping the raid……LEVSKI!



Most like to ignore game mechanics just so he can cast one…. more….spell……BIMBLE!



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We have so many of them they set up their own union. This entitles them to their own guild awards post too! They’re moody and emo, but we love them really, it’s the warlocks of PCG!


Most likely to raid once every 2 months to help keep his union membership refreshed and help keep the warlock numbers up …..NIHILATOS!



Most obsessed with the colour purple. ooooh, purpllleeeeee…….JODDERS!



Most likely to help jodders know which piece of loot she wants to use…….STAGGMATTIC!



Most likely to have a GPS malfunction and end up at the wrong boss…or the wrong instance….or the wrong server……HIERO!



Most likely to be top of the damage meters helping bring average warlock dps up to acceptable amounts…….BASPHOMET!



Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 261 user reviews.